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Kaldesignal Alder kommentar
OH5KUY 1m54s.DsVP
OH2RDS 6m3sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Sipoo
OH9MBS-1 26m9sTimpan testi {UIV32N}
OH6JAT 32m13sJorak
OH6AI 59sClub Station of Kokkola
OH3HWX-9 8h
OH6GKW 1m40s
OH3RBE-2 8m49sPHG25626/Wn OH3NE Sarkola
OH2KXH 38d 20h59m
OH1HEK-15 248d 1h19mRx-igate,Univ. of Turku
OH6JAT-9 132d 9h44m
OH5KUY-4 53d 22h30mEnonkoski (kp42je) {UIV32N}
OH3BK 85d 9h39m145.500MHz
OH3RUX 9m22sR,Wn,Tn Kotala OH2NXX
OH3HOO 4d 9h15m
OH7BD 3m58s
OH8MXJ 8h36m{UIV32N}
OH3RBE-1 2m3sTampere/Pyynikki
OH3RCD 4m14sHausjarvi APRS digi, OH3AD
OH2EKK-9 10h33mYVV-738
OH6NT-8 141d 19h19mFraensviken RX IGate
OH7RDO 3m13s
OH7RDR 3m59sRaakkyla
OH1MN-9 13d 16h52m145.500MHz Markus QRV 145500 / Repeaters and +358400505400
OH1AU 1m39sKP10CM VUSHF Station, contact OH1MN
OH1AA 1m50sTurku club QTH, Thursdays 18:00, see
OH1MN 3mMarkus Home QTH.. pse visit if driveby!
OH3GDO-9 13d 18h52mQTP
OH7GWM 5d 14h11m
OH8MTM-6 2d 7h52mRisto,Tikkakoski {UIV32N}
OH8JYO 11h54mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH6FBW-15 32d 14h42m
OH2NJR 4m27s
OH2MUI 10m54sRx iGate and WX station
OH6LSL-9 18h9mSaab 9-3SC
OH8MTM-9 1d 13h24mDigiAPRS
OH1JF 35sTurku
OH8MTM 7h39mRisto, Sievi {UIV32N}
OH3NE 6m4s145.750MHz T123 -060 Club mtgs Mo/Th 1700
OH5GWF 17m45s3 iGate Kuusankoski
OH4JOU 13h1m145.625MHz op. Heikki
OH7BD-9 190d 9h43m
OH1AD 1m45sSalo club QTH
OH2GAX-9 89d 16h3mOp Otso
OH8RUU 102d 9h14mRaudaskyla 434.600MHz -2.0_114,8
OH8RAU 102d 9h21mNivala 145.600MHz -0.6
OH6RUC 10m12sTn,Wn Kaustinen OH6RUC Digi+TX-iGate
OH0RUZ 1m55s
OH1LQP 19m54sLasse
OH5GWF-9 12d 15h34m145.500MHz QRV
OH2TIMO 24m7sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC14
OH1GJQ 45sSummer cottage
OH7EG-9 148d 14h11mTinyTrak3
OH5GWF-1 13m43s/ WX Pilkanmaa/ Kouvola, WS2300 / WD
OH2RCH 234d 20h30mJuhanila APRX RX-iGate
OH3RBE-3 3m19sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Palkane
OH3RBE-5 8m45sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Orivesi
OH2NJR-10 5d 15h2m434.700MHz
OH6R 3m40sClub station, OH3MEP for details
OH1CO 1m35s
OH3MEP 3m59sPete ja Ulla QTH
OH6YW-9 49d 16h5m
OH1RAU 19m45soutputs 145.775, CTCSS 103.5, contact OH1CO
OH1GUN 50s
OH5AG 3m40sKerho,
OH0RAA 2m35s145.675MHz, contact Leif OH0KCE
OH0RUA 2m434.700MHz, contact Roland OH0AZX
OH1KAO 40s
OH1NR 19m50sREXI
OH1FBA-1 55s
OH8MTM-1 28d 18h6mRisto, Sievi {UIV32N}
OH2RDU 25m31sR,Wn,Tn Rajamaki
OH6AA-3 14m17sVaskiluoto
OH8RDW 49sRahja
OH3HPV 8h24mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4625/434.4625 CC15
OH1TT 19m35sJuha's QTH
OH6GAP 21m43s
OH5AD 23m39sAPRX I-Gate Hamina 144.800MHz OMNI 52m ASL
OH2NJR-11 176d 13h36mJoni, Gray Alfa Bertone GT -72 museum car EFX-10
OH4RDC 14m49sWn,Tn,R,MIKKELI,Muinola
OH6MVG-9 7d 18h2m
OH7EG-8 5m2s12.1V-08Cmokki
OH7LZB-10 43d 14h42m21C
OH6LSL-8 102d 13h35m
OH5RBG 19m32s144.800MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori
OH6LRR-9 12h31m
OH2BP-2 13m16sWIDE UIDIGI Banana Port, Talassaari 2
OH2BP-9 204d 14h45mKari
OH2KO 12m7s
OH6AI-1 1m21sClub station of Kokkola
OH6RDK 3m49sPHG2571 R,Wn,Tn Hankasalmi OH6AD
OH1XT-9 90d 17h39m
OH3GLY-9 1m9sKaitsu
OH1JQ-5 159d 20h46m
OH7RDA 7m46sSiilinjarvi
OH3JHQ-9 115d 20h21m
OH5RDC 346d 14h33mTaavetti
OH6KSX-9 33d 14h5m13.2V
OH3KV 17h58mOH3KV Koijarvi
OH7HJ-9 3d 20h27mHAMDR
OH3MBC-9 172d 14h40mWIREL A1
OH2BQP-1 19h20m
OH2HCB-9 17h22m12.6VNCT-109
OH3RDA-3 16m51sR,Wn,Tn Hml
OH0JFB 146d 20h34mPeters QTH
OH3KAV-9 5d 12h25mTinyTrak3
OH3KLJ 7h41mop. Mika OH3KLJ / KP21PH
OH1KH 28sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC12
OH2EKK-8 93d 15h46mM/S ANNI/MMSI 23004660/ 70cm/ 2 m
OH1KH-15 16h12m12.3V 11CParked
OH1KH-8 111d 18h7mTrackuino:AprsTx 12V
OH7RDT 56m2s1 Tohmajarvi
OH3HQX-8 210d 8h51mm/s Lyyli, 0505529050, ham 2m+70cm
OH2LAK 145d 20h49mErik MikroTik-LtaP, up 17:33:45
OH9MBS 53sTimpan testi {UIV32N}
OH5AB-A 1m6s
OH6TJ-9 35d 17h19m12.7V
OH2FPR-9 14h25m
OH1KH-2 49m39s
OH6NMY 5m44seCumulusFO
OH2KQF-9 18h50m145.650MHz VFO A, Erkki HYO-749
OH6RAH 13m23sPGH26304 R,Wn,Tn Joupiska
OH2AAB 218d 16h2mR, Wn, Tn Lohja
OH2ML-2 197d 8h37m
OH5RM 55d 11h51mRPR NODE 3590 oh5rm-8 chat
OH3SW-9 125d 15h23m
OH8TA 185d 14h21mClub meetings Tue 18 EET->
OH2BRN-9 187d 12h14m
OH6RDC 8m8sPetomaki
OH7RDL 4m28sPohmelo
OH2FTJ-9 5h51m434.875MHz VFO A, Jouni
OH4O 12d 22h9mPRC
OH5XB-9 1d 14h56mKari
OH6GAP-5 69d 12h14m
OH7RDB 38d 15h9m2 Wn,Tn Niinivaara
OH4KA-2 14d 15h58m10.0V 24C X1
OH3RUD 3m54sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Vesijako
OH7ER-9 19h14m
OH5XB-7 113d 14h10mKari
OH3VL 153d 17h39m12.6V 32CLaivarannan Epätieteellinen Tutkimusasema PA + Alv 5%
OH1ML 166d 12h52m
OH3TK-9 83d 12h3m
OH1RT 3m4s..Paas poikete ku ajat ohitte 73 Tapio
OH8RDT 7m50sRX-iGate + digi
OH9RDD 13m24s"R,Wn,Tn Levitunturi"
OH7GIQ-9 67d 21h59mPocketPacket/iPhone
OH6AA-1 1m33sRx-only iGate
OH5FVY-9 41d 13h18mQSY!
OH5FVY 17m26sOH5FVY RX-Only iGate
OH3FZQ 0seCumulusWMR100
OH1TX 146d 18h21mJaska's QTH
OH3FWF-9 1d 17h18m
OH6RAE 2d 7h52mViitasaari 145.775MHz -0.6
OH8KA-5 16d 15h30mAntti
OH2MRS 69d 18h24m13.7V 11C
OH2FXD-9 103d 19h4m
OH6MHZ-2 1m16s2 /Henkan WH1080
OH5XB 11sWS2355
OH2MDN-9 16h27m145.500MHz FTM-350AE
OH2JXA-5 223d 17h29m
OH3LJU-9 17h19m
OH1EDK 3m8sRadiopuhelin, mikrofoni ja antenni
OH7TR 182d 22h14m27.555mHz USB RULES OK
OH3KLJ-4 7h42mFoxView op. Mika KP21PH
OH2BIP 57d 7h15mBPQ32 IGate Helsinki
OH4GVN-1 96d 9h5mPuumala
OH2NIN 88d 18h42mAt home, looking at next summer if sailing is possible ? Not interested in skiing, only fishing, hi.
OH2RDP 3m45sRELAY,WIDE, OH2AP Jarvenpaa
OH7AZC 23m47sopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2LAK-2 218d 16h23mR,Wn,Tn Alhovuori KP20BL
OH8JXR-9 8d 19h20mMicrosat Voyager
OH1KH-4 112d 17h25mTrackuino:E-bike 24V 00A 0.9Ah
OH6MCZ 21d 16h21mHNY 2021
OH8MIB-5 59d 12h58mOh8mib
OH4RDS 56m57sR,Wn,Tn Savonlinna
OH2FXI-9 307d 13h35m
OH8RAC 23m40sM27JNR9JA7AN 145.7250/145.1250 CC1
OH6DL 9m53sopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH3GPD-9 9d 9h56m
OH2EGI-9 15h14m
OH7FXK-5 190d 9h22mWhat we have here is failure to communicate
OH2KHZ-5 122d
OH6MQM-9 218d 22h1meCumulusFO
OH3LJU-10 16h58mPolaris 4x4
OH5GWF-5 12h36mDMR TG244
OH4KA-4 17m7sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate
OH2HUU-9 181d 22h14mHyundai i30 SW / JHM-587
OH2HCY-2 20d 7h36mVantaa, Metsola
OH2AUN-5 145d 14h10m13.5V 24C HDOP00.8 SATS11S/Y Forth
OH2T-1 36d 14h5mRaspberry Pi iGate
OH1EDK-5 29d 19h20m73
OH6MHZ-8 166d 21h6mHenkkan Mokki QTH
OH6DL-9 25d 19h27m
OH6JMT-8 24d 15h43mm/y Wellamo
OH2FXD-7 66d 12h10m
OH3KLJ-1 7h41mHaukkatie 36
OH2KQF-1 11m28sAlavus, Toysa, 27.0V, -0.7*C, 56%
OH2KQF 10h24mAlavus, keskusta
OH1RL-7 111d 20h28m145.550MHz
OH3HTI-9 191d 18h39mAutola liikeella
OH9ELA 115d 15h24mMMDVM + Raspberry ZERO v 1.1 434.4750/434.4750 CC1
OH6GJA 25m29s(Connect)
OH5EIL 9m4sAPRS I-Gate
OH6DL-10 14h56mG/D* R-I-R HX 10147.3kHz WIDE1-1, WLNK-1
OH3KLJ-3 7h51mFoxView
OH7FES-1 26m32s144.800 RX Igate {UIV32N}
OH4KA-7 3m9sRaspberry pi
OH7EKL-1 18m2sMartonvaara
OH2LAK-7 232d 14h49mDMR OH2LAK P1 AR685
OH1HIH-9 131d
OH5HVN-9 166d 14h49mDMR mobile (MD785G)
OH6KNW-9 7h7m73 de Teemu 145500 QRV
OH6KNW-12 269d 23h11mTeemu OH6KNW QTH Kaustinen Salonkyla
OH6HGN-8 31d 4h54m
OH6FJN-5 52d 10h6m
OH2HJ-9 3d 20h51mOP.JARI
OH6HGN-1 2m8sRX Igate Pirttinen {UIV32N}
OH2LAK-1 10m27sPusula Rx-iGate
OH4JP-5 188d 17h17mtuipukka on the move
OH6A 259d 6h56mClub station - Club evenings WE 19:00->
OH6ELF 3m59siGate / Tontun QTH
OH7JHF-7 190d 19h15m
OH5AA 10m57sClub of Kotka, tuesdays 19-21
OH2ELR-7 80d 11h28m
OH2FTB-2 4m1sRaspberry Pi iGate
OH2FHF 8m18sLari QTH / Kangasala
OH5GWF-8 62d 13h25mNO FIX 13.6V 17C
OH2HCY-3 17m31sInkoo, Orslandet, Bjurs
OH7FES-3 48d 4h17mToshiba AT300 tablet + Intek KT-950EE radio
OH6ELN-9 1d 14h37mQRV on 145.750
OH6RDT 58d 20h34mParra
OH4JPS-2 13m5sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate, Jari OH4JL Mia OH4HNT
OH2FZV 27m6s434.900MHz Mika QTH / 3.4&10&24GHz 1024 QAM TEST
OH2FZV-2 17m51sMika Mobile C-HR_10&24GHz
OH3ERV-9 12h38m145.750MHzQRV OH3RNE/DMR TG244/145.500
OH1NYKI 8m25sNyki
OH5GWF-7 44d 11h42mJARI
OH2GMJ-10 2m22s9.8V
OH2BSC-8 212d 20h16mNGY-825 Hymer Van op. Pekka
OH2FHF-9 2d 12h30m145.500MHz Green VW Passat
OH8EFI-5 166d 18h32m145.500MHz Seikkailuuun
OH2FTJ-7 122d 16h7m434.537MHz VFO A, Jouni
OH5KZ-5 19d 11h36m
OH2GMJ-9 1d 11h53m
OH5RAB 30m41s145.775MHz 1750 -060 R40k
OH5RUB 20m53s434.775MHz 1750 -200 R50k
OH6XB-5 14d 16h23m
OH2BCE 27m58sop:Teemu
OH3KLJ-8 summer QTH
OH2MDN-10 142d 19h54m12.2V
OH6DL-3 166d 16h25mUin=12.5V,T=20.0C
OH8EPJ-5 19d 11h45m
OH1GRV 37d 16h40m
OH5ESU-9 17h13m145.500MHz/TOMMI
OH5RDF 2m53sOH5AB Clubstation iGate MTGMon18
OH7T-9 1d 12h39m145.775MHz C118 -060 Teme XC90
OH6KYF-1 125d 11h36m
OH3YP-8 157d 20h51mPicoAPRS OH3YP
OH6TN 131d 16h8müá´üáÆ
OH6NEQ-8 183d 12h36mm/s Viivi, Tristan 345FB, MMSI:230054910 3.72V 15.2C TF
OH2ELR-9 279d 11h48m434.487MHz -Lauri OH2ELR@GMAIL.COM
OH5RUD 23m37sM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5375/432.5375 CC1
OH0KCE 9m54sOPEN_GD77 500mW 433.3750/433.3750 CC1
OH6GFR-7 22d 10h27m434.850MHz
OH2GYT-9 7d 19h2m
OH9SM 56d 8h23mopenSPOT 434.4000/434.4000 CC1
OH2EGI-15 3d 17h44mVW TRANSPORTER 14.03V 31C
OH2NJR-9 12h48mJoni Skoda Karoq
OH6GLN 125d 14h37m3166B N62 44.097 E022 51.893
OH6AH 67d 14h7mOH6AH - Club station
OH6KW-1 1m34sMunsala igate with RasPi + DireWolf + Baofeng
OH6RAR 4m38sVHF Repeater 145.700MHz 1750 -060
OH2EGI-2 4m22sVantaa, Hakunila. TRX 12.2V, 30.9C/87.6F
OH2EWK-15 17seCumulusDsVP
OH8EPJ 12m9sArssi,Sievi {UIV32N}
OH2BCE-1 144d 15h37mop:Teemu
OH2FTJ 9m51sPorvoo, Lehtimaki
OH2FI 146d 20h7m
OH2FI-9 34d 17h18mXASTIR-raspi
OH4EA B 116d 20h25m440 Voice 434.47500MHz +0.0000MHz
OH4EA-B 116d 20h25m440 Voice 434.47500MHz +0.0000MHz
OH2HCY-8 29d 12h29m434.900MHz VFO A, Uffe VYH-758
OH7FES-2 1d 15h23mLieksa DMR OpenSpot 434.4625/434.4625 CC13
OH2LAK-9 4d 12h56m434.625MHz GMU-761 Erik
OH2FOM-9 10d 19h18mlocal repeaters, 145.500
OH3GEF 17m42s
OH8MTM-5 14d 12h6m
OH2FI-8 19d 12h57mXASTIR-raspi-paatti
Om denne side
Denne side viser real-time informationer fra Automatic Position Reporting System Internet netværket (APRS-IS). APRS er brugt af amateur (ham) radio Radioamatør til at sende real-time positions information, vejr data, telemetri og beskeder over en radio. Et køretøj udstyret med en GPS modtager, a VHF transmitter eller HF transceiver og en lille computer kaldet en tracker, sender sin position, hastighed og kurs i små data pakker, som så bliver modtaget af nærliggende IGate modtage stationer som videre sender pakkerne til Internet. Systemer forbundet til Internet kan sende informationer direkte til APRS-IS uden brug af en radio og/eller samle og vise informationer sendt fra et hvert sted på jorden.
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