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Kaldesignal Alder kommentar
OH5KUY 13d 14h8m.DsVP
OH2RDS 5m25sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Sipoo
OH9MBS-1 10m39sTimpan testi {UIV32N}
OH6JAT 14m49sJorak digi, KP21OW, OHC616
OH6AI 29sClub Station of Kokkola
OH3HWX-9 6h5m
OH6GKW 3m18s
OH3RBE-2 5m54sPHG25626/Wn OH3NE Sarkola
OH2LIY 13d 1h43m.WD 190
OH2KXH 8m34s
OH1HEK-15 3m29sRx-igate,Univ. of Turku
OH6JAT-9 25d 1h33m
OH5KUY-4 50d 1h39mEnonkoski (kp42je) {UIV32N}
OH3BK 6m19s145.500MHz
OH3RUX 1m13sR,Wn,Tn Kotala OH2NXX
OH3HOO 13h53m
OH7BD 31m3sMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH8MXJ 25m5s{UIV32N}
OH3RBE-1 2m50sTampere/Pyynikki
OH3RCD 6m42sHausjarvi APRS digi, OH3AD
OH2EKK-9 21h36mYVV-738
OH6NT-8 20m59sFraensviken RX IGate
OH7RDO 17m53s
OH7RDR 14m42sRaakkyla
OH1MN-9 61d 19h17m145.500MHz Markus QRV 145500 / Repeaters and +358400505400
OH1AU 29m39sKP10CM VUSHF Station, contact OH1MN
OH1AA 29m43sTurku club QTH, Thursdays 18:00, see
OH3GDO-9 5d 58m
OH7GWM 5d 34m
OH8MTM-6 1d 13h31mRisto, Tikkakoski {UIV32N}
OH8JYO-1 32d 24m
OH8JYO 31d 23h18mVesa {UIV32N}
OH6FBW-15 5h33m
OH6AG-7 248d 1h57memail
OH2NJR 16m18s
OH2MUI 13m55sRx iGate and WX station
OH6LSL-9 41m24sSaab 9-3SC
OH8MTM-9 3d 14h20mCHF-120
OH1JF 29m25sTurku
OH8MTM 3d 18h6mRisto, Sievi {UIV32N}
OH3NE 8m35s145.750MHz T123 -060 Club mtgs Mo/Th 17->
OH5GWF 1m56s3 iGate Kuusankoski
OH4JOU 1h25m.. op. Heikki .. {UIV32N}
OH7BD-9 14m24s
OH2KXH-9 62d 2h34m
OH1AD 29m41sSalo club QTH, contact OH1BOI
OH2JCQ-9 88d 18h13mJani
OH2GAX-9 233d 23h23mOp Otso
OH8RUU 1d 13h32mRaudaskyla 434.600MHz -2.0_114,8
OH8RAU 1d 13h32mNivala 145.600MHz -0.6
OH6RUC 5m6sTn,Wn Kaustinen OH6RUC Digi+TX-iGate
OH0RUZ 29m45s
OH1LQP 29m21sLasse
OH5GWF-9 3d 23h2m145.700MHz QRV
OH2TIMO 88d 16h46m
OH1GJQ 29m29sSummer cottage
OH6AG 303d 22h35mOH6AG aprsd Linux Server
OH7EG-9 129d 19h47mTinyTrak3
OH5GWF-1 1m56s/ WX Pilkanmaa/ Kouvola, WS2300 / WD
OH2RCH 15m45sJuhanila APRX RX-iGate
OH3RBE-3 7m5sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Palkane
OH3RBE-5 1m24sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Orivesi
OH2NJR-10 2d 16h47m434.700MHz
OH1RDK 295d 18h32mRauma
OH6R 39m52sClub station, OH3MEP for details
OH1CO 29m37s
OH3MEP 39m56sPete ja Ulla QTH
OH6YW-9 68d 16h38m
OH1RAU 29m17soutputs 145.775, CTCSS 103.5, contact OH1CO
OH1FAQ 29m35s
OH1GUN 29m31s
OH5AG 3m21sKerho,
OH1LEG 29m23s
OH1BOI 53d 8h39mJari QTH
OH0RAA 29m49s145.675MHz, contact Leif OH0KCE
OH0RUA 29m47s434.700MHz, contact Roland OH0AZX
OH1KAO 29m27s
OH1NR 29m19sREXI
OH1FBA-1 29m33s
OH8MTM-1 73d 21h38m
OH2RDU 16m38sR,Wn,Tn Rajamaki
OH6AA-3 3m33sVaskiluoto
OH8RDW 81d 15h40mRahja
OH6AC 119d 23h14maprx - an Rx-only iGate
OH3HPV 7d 21h30mMMDVM DVMega 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH1TT 29m13sJuhas QTH
OH6GAP 13m57s
OH5AD 93d 1h42mAPRX I-Gate Hamina 144.800MHz OMNI 52m ASL
OH2BUF-9 147d 3h6m145.300MHz
OH2NJR-11 63d 20h58mJoni, Gray Alfa Bertone GT -72 museum car EFX-10
OH4RDC 8m54sWn,Tn,R,MIKKELI,Muinola
OH6MVG-9 3h32m
OH7JHF-9 203d 23h17m434.900MHz
OH7EG-8 53m50s12.3V 00Cmokki
OH3MBC 233d 23h11mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH7LZB-10 12d 21h27m07C
OH6LSL-8 59d 23h38m
OH5RBG 4m1s144.800MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori
OH6LRR-9 9m25s
OH2BP-2 7m20sWIDE UIDIGI Banana Port, Talassaari 2
OH2BP-9 113d 21h10mKari
OH2BP-8 213d 20h32mLautta
OH2KO 8m36s
OH6AI-1 45sClub station of Kokkola
OH6RDK 5m23sPHG2571 R,Wn,Tn Hankasalmi OH6AD
OH7AZC-9 13d 54m14.1V 22C HDOP01.2 SATS08 Outlander liikkeellä
OH1XT-9 140d 1h27m
OH3GLY-9 7m8sKaitsu
OH1JQ-5 58d 15h58m
OH7RDA 9m40sSiilinjarvi
OH3JHQ-9 2h34m
OH5RDC 54m27sTaavetti
OH6XB-9 60d 19h18m12.5V 11C
OH6KSX-9 4d 11m11.9V
OH3KV 2m39sOH3KV Koijarvi
OH7HJ-9 22h3mHAMDR
OH3MBC-9 4d 18h20mWIREL A1
oh2fh-9 343d 21h46mvia APRS TX for iOS
OH2BQP-1 1d 10h16m
OH2HCB-9 18h41m14.2VNCT-109
OH5AG-1 179d 13mKesäleiri 15.-16.6.2019 Kekäleniemi
OH3RDA-3 7m14sR,Wn,Tn Hml
OH0JFB 29m51sPeters QTH
OH3KAV-9 3h19mTinyTrak3
OH3KLJ 4d 14h5mop. Mika OH3KLJ / KP21PH
OH1KH 32sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2EKK-8 69d 17h11mM/S ANNI/Eki/145500/Rep
OH1KH-15 1d 1h23m14.5V 17C Moving
OH7RDA-3 335d 14h24mKuopio
OH1KH-8 78d 21h37mTrackuino:AprsTx 12V
OH7RDT 2m57s1 Tohmajarvi
OH6HFX-8 141d 16h48mGPS Accuracy: 4m
OH3HQX-8 108d 21h7mm/s Lyyli, 0505529050, ham 2m+70cm
OH2LAK 212d 20h41mMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH1KH-9 132d 21h40m12.2V 25C Parked
OH9MBS 57s{UIV32N}
OH5AB-A 7s
OH6TJ-9 6d 22h54m13.8V
OH2FPR-9 5h37m
OH1KH-2 43m14s
oh6nmy 4m23seCumulusFO
OH2KQF-9 143d 20h22m434.900MHz VFO A, Erkki HYO-749
OH6RAH 4m42sPGH26304 R,Wn,Tn Joupiska
OH2AAB 5m54sLohja / Ammattikoulu
OH2ML-2 9m36s
OH5RM 120d 1h4mU2APRS
OH3SW-9 48d 1h46m
OH2KJG 88d 16h27m{UIV23}
OH3FG-9 127d 2m
OH8TA 1m8sClub meetings Tue 18 EET->
OH2BRN-9 54d 16h51m
OH6RDC 1m31sPetomaki
OH7RDL 42m29sPohmelo
OH2FTJ-9 2h49m434.900MHz VFO A, Jouni MKT-241
OH4O 3d 16h56mPuulan Radio Club ry
OH5XB-9 2sKari
OH6GAP-5 8d 15h36m
OH3KLJ-5 225d 16h58m11.4V 11C OpenTracker+ / Diamond X50 / Kiinakapula 5W
OH7RDB 23m54s2 Wn,Tn Niinivaara
OH4KA-2 20m27s10.0V 28C X1
OH3RUD 1m42sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Vesijako
OH7ER-9 1h11m
OH5XB-7 61d 23h37mKari
OH3VL 80d 21h17m13.0V 28CLaivarannan Epätieteellinen Tutkimusasema PA + Alv 5%
OH0MZA-10 128d 15h30m
OH1ML 14d 1h2m
OH3TK-9 90d 24m
OH2GXN 67d 19h7mJanne-9
OH1RT 57s..Paas poikete ku ajat ohitte 73 Tapio
OH8RDT 4m33sRX-iGate + digi
OH9RDD 12m25s"R,Wn,Tn Levitunturi"
OH7GIQ-9 218d 22h13mPocketPacket/iPhone
OH6AA-1 5m3sRx-only iGate
OH5FVY-9 7d 16h39m145.500MHz QSY!
OH5FVY 18m32sOH5FVY RX-Only iGate
OH0X 53d 8h39mOH0X loc:KP00LJ
OH3FZQ 48seCumulusWMR100
OH1TX 29m11sJaska's QTH
OH3FWF-9 3d 19h2m14.6V 13C HDOP01.6 SATS10
OH2TA 53d 8h39mPekka's QTH loc:KP20JF
OH3AA-5 305d 32m
OH6GPB-1 247d 4h29mzz iGate | DireWolf 1.3 on RPi+RTL-SDR
OH6RAE 1d 13h32mViitasaari 145.775MHz -0.6
OH2KJG-6 117d 23h58m
OH8KA-5 38d 15h31mAntti driving
OH3LJU-5 246d 4h39mOH3LJU-5 144.800MHz RX iGate
OH2MRS 28d 15h46m13.8V 15C
OH2FXD-9 4d 23h30m
OH6MHZ-2 22s{UIV32N}
OH5XB 2m17sWS2355
OH2MDN-9 7d 21h42m145.500MHz FTM-350AE
OH2JXA-5 172d 3m
OH3LJU-9 27s
OH1MKV-9 201d 2h15m
OH1EDK 2d 17h57mRadiopuhelin, mikrofoni ja antenni
OH7TR 37d 2h59m27.555mHz USB RULES OK
OH3KLJ-4 4d 14h11mFoxView op. Mika KP21PH
OH2BIP 2d 11h49mBPQ32 IGate Helsinki
OH4GVN-1 10m6sPuumala
OH2NIN 74d 2h15mLast sailing 2019, back home now, goose wings 6 kn, showers.
OH2RDP 3m19sRELAY,WIDE, OH2AP Jarvenpaa
OH7AZC 50sopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2LAK-2 8m17sR,Wn,Tn Alhovuori KP20BL
OH8JXR-9 3h26m
OH1KH-4 63d 23h8mTrackuino:E-bike 22V 09A 1.0Ah
OH5ZN-5 68d 17h52m
OH6MCZ 13h33mHome sweet home
OH8MIB-5 88d 23h27m
OHMER 72d 16h48mOhmer Park !BikeMS! 2019
OH1RL-5 108d 18h44m HW tab.
OH3TA-9 252d 15h3mKetunlenkillä...
OH4RDS 20m3sR,Wn,Tn Savonlinna
OH2FXI-9 13d 17h12m
OH8RAC 43sM27JNR9JA7AN 145.7250/145.1250 CC1
OH6DL 13d 19h28mSharkRF openSPOT2
OH3GPD-9 6d 18h59m
OH2EGI-9 1d 20h51m
OH7FXK-5 129d 16h3mWhat we have here is failure to communicate
OH2KHZ-5 5d 19h6m145.700MHz
OH6MQM-9 66d 12h37meCumulusFO
OH3LJU-10 39d 32mPolaris 4x4
OH5GWF-5 5d 15h16m
OH4KA-4 17mRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate
OH2HUU-9 10d 18h8mHyundai i30 SW / JHM-587
OH2HCY-2 7m4sVantaa, Metsola
OH5GZR-9 221d 11h40maprsdroid
OH2AUN-5 62d 20h55m13.5V 20C HDOP01.0 SATS08S/Y Forth
OH2T-1 14m29sRaspberry Pi iGate
OH1EDK-5 53d 15h45mLa-Polja qrv 145.550Mhz
OH6MHZ-8 18d 28mHenkkan Mokki QTH
OH6DL-9 11d
OH6JMT-8 76d 22h19mm/y Wellamo
OH8JK 325d 16h57mKunnioita luonnonlakeja!
OH2FXD-7 121d 15h16m
OH3KLJ-1 4d 13h56mPLXTracker weather
OH2KQF-1 11m26sAlavus, Toysa, 27.5V, 3.6*C, 57%
OH2KQF 4m37sVantaa, Asola
OH2AAV 228d 4h12m
OH9AB-2 242d 3h22mDigi RVN
OH5XP-5 201d 2h48m
OH2FLJ-12 140d 11h4mWXTrak
OH1RL-7 34d 19h2m145.550MHz
OH6HZH-9 170d 15h32mTM-D710
OH6AAD-7 47d 12h25mAPRS-IS for Win32
OH3HTI-9 5h31mAutola liikeella
OH9ELA 34sMMDVM + Raspberry ZERO v 1.1 0.0000/0.0000 CC1
OH6GJA 13d 9h59m(FORCE)
OH5EIL 11m10sAPRS I-Gate
OH6DL-10 4d 17h47m
OH3KLJ-3 4d 14h8mFoxView
OH3FU-10 111d 20h24m
OH7FES-1 22h21m144.800
OH3XF-10 137d
OH4KA-7 2m11sRaspberry pi
OH7EKL-1 24m37sMartonvaara
OH7EKE-5 171d 19h28m
OH2LAK-7 271d 20h58mDMR OH2LAK P1 - AR68
OH1HIH-9 23d
OH5HVN-9 2d 14h5mJanne DMR
OH8MTM-3 95d 1h43m{UIV32N}
OH6KNW-9 10d 16h46mTeemu On The Road 73!
OH6KSX-10 178d 18h42mAPRSCheckIn
OH6KNW-12 12m44sTEEMU Luopajarvi
OH6HGN-8 68d 1h30m
OH6FJN-5 153d 16h53m
OH2HJ-9 61d 23h38mOP.JARI
OH6HGN-1 18m47sRX Igate Pirttinen {UIV32N}
OH6TX-7 144d 19h49mJari, OH6TX FT2DE
OH1EEZ-2 18d 48mPHG2530, Salo OH1EEZ
OH2LAK-1 3s.wview_5_21_7
OH4JP-5 146d 2h12mtuipukka on the move
OH2GBA-9 2h46mJohn
OH6A 2d 18h11mClub station - Club evenings WE 19:00->
OH6ELF 26d 15h46miGate / Tontun QTH
OH7NW-9 292d 1h38m
OH7JHF-7 81d 1h33m
OH5AA 12m24sClub of Kotka, tuesdays 19-21
OH2ELR-7 153d 17h21m
OH2FTB-2 8m34sRaspberry Pi iGate
OH2FHF 236d 4h49mLari QTH
OH7HJ 232d 15h56mHF 14103.3 and 14104.3 - Easyterm.
OH8MTM-7 181d 15h57m{UIV32N}
OH5GWF-8 98d 18h13.5V 22C HDOP00.8 SATS10
OH2HCY-3 13m23sInkoo, Orslandet, Bjurs
OH7FES-3 178d 22h58mToshiba AT300 tablet + Intek KT-950EE radio
OH2AP/LEI 88d 16h46mLA 14.9.2019 klo9-22 Turaniementie61
OH1RDU-2 206d 22hPHG2530 R,Wn,Tn OH1AA Turku
OH6ELN-9 4h33mQRV on 145.750
OH6RDT 19h30mParra
OH4JPS-2 18m42sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate, Jari OH4JL Mia OH4HNT
OH2FZV 27m17sMika QTH / QAM YAESU & 10GHz Gunnplexer station.
OH2FZV-2 3m38sMika Mobile AMY
Om denne side
Denne side viser real-time informationer fra Automatic Position Reporting System Internet netværket (APRS-IS). APRS er brugt af amateur (ham) radio Radioamatør til at sende real-time positions information, vejr data, telemetri og beskeder over en radio. Et køretøj udstyret med en GPS modtager, a VHF transmitter eller HF transceiver og en lille computer kaldet en tracker, sender sin position, hastighed og kurs i små data pakker, som så bliver modtaget af nærliggende IGate modtage stationer som videre sender pakkerne til Internet. Systemer forbundet til Internet kan sende informationer direkte til APRS-IS uden brug af en radio og/eller samle og vise informationer sendt fra et hvert sted på jorden.
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